Late Summer Garden Harvest

Garden Harvest-Late Summer Veggies

cherry tomatoes, green onions, iceberg lettuce, Swiss chard, garlic onions, Butter lettuce, Early Girl tomato, green pepper, French breakfast radishes, Cherry Belle radishes, and jalapenos.

Today’s harvest made for a couple of very fine salads, some goodies for later, and some jalapenos for the freezer.

Garden Harvest-Late Summer Herbs

oregano, basil, purple basil, sage, Italian parsley

I also snipped some herbs to dry.  I prefer to use fresh herbs whenever possible, and I have been doing that all summer, but now I must start prepping for the winter.  I have been freezing herbs in batches all summer, but I also like to use dried herbs.  I make my own bread crumbs and season them with dried herbs, also dried herbs are delicious baked in breads, and sprinkled on casseroles.  As always, just click on the photos to enlarge them.  Enjoy!


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