Our Garden 2015- Update

Our Garden 2015-Update Jalapenos


Our Garden 2015-Update Bell peppers

Bell Peppers

Our Garden 2015-Update proper spacing

Lettuce and radishes

This is an update to the gardening post from June.  On Mother’s Day, our daughter Danielle, and I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, and flowers.  Mark returned from his TDY in late May and we talked about expanding the garden using a raised bed system.  However, before we sunk any money or time into building a raised bed system, we wanted to experiment on a smaller scale.  So Mark dug out a rolling work cart that he built years ago, painted the wood so that it would hold up in the rain and attached two plastic tubs (with holes drilled for drainage), that we found in our storage room.  We figured if it worked like we hoped, then great.  If it didn’t work like we hoped, then we wouldn’t have spent much money on the experiment.

Garden June 2015- carrots, radishes, lettuce

Our starter bed-June 2015

For those not familiar with raised bed gardening; raised beds are beneficial for areas with poor soil (ours is clay and rock), it is easier on your back, legs, etc. because there is no stooping, kneeling or bending, the beds require less water, are more resistant to animals (ours are high, the bunnies won’t be eating our lettuce), are not prone to growing weeds, and have a higher yield of produce.

Our Garden 2015-Update First garden bed

Our starter bed- August 2015

We have been eating salads from our garden (lettuce, radishes, cherry tomatoes, green onions, and some carrots) almost all summer long and were pretty juiced by the idea of growing all our own veggies.  Since our two tubs did so well in spite of our lack of gardening knowledge (we did not use proper spacing) we decided to build a bed and try it out this summer.  Mark found the plans online at Raised Urban Gardens.

Danielle came home to celebrate Father’s Day and they built the first raised bed together (then they drank some beer).

P1050601 - Copy

Heavy concentration is required when pouring a black and tan

Mark and his tomatoes

Mark and his tomatoes -July 2015

That bed did so well that we decided if one bed was good, then four beds would be great.  So I did the research and looked into heirloom seeds and garden planning.  We ordered our seeds, I spent two weeks just reading and learning about square foot garden (SFG) planning, succession planting, crop rotation, and figuring out what we could still plant this late in the season.

Our Garden 2015-Update Mark and his wheelbarrow

Hauling the potting soil

Our Garden 2015-Update M&D filling the beds

Filling the beds

Our Garden 2015-Update The beds are filled with soil

Ready for seeds

Our Garden 2015-Update Chicken wire SFG template

Chicken wire square foot template

Our Garden 2015-Update D on clean-up duty

Danielle on clean-up duty

Once again Danielle came home to help her Dad “work the family farm”, as she referred to it, they built three more raised beds and sowed all the seeds for the late summer/fall crops (spinach, lettuce, radishes, Swiss chard, carrots, Chinese cabbage, green onions, and garlic).

Our Garden 2015-Update Farmer Mark sowing seeds

Farmer Mark sowing the seeds

Our Garden 2015-Update Work is done, now we play

Work is done so now we can goof around

Our Garden 2015-Update Jasper enjoying the sunshine

Jasper is enjoying the sunshine

Our Garden 2015-Update Mika searching for the shade

Mika is searching for the shade


Our next step is to plan the Spring and Summer 2016 beds, which means starting the seeds indoors this winter…oh yeah, and Mark and Danielle plan on building two more garden beds.  Our patio will be nearly filled with garden beds at that point.  Years ago, when Mark and his Dad built our deck (with assistance from our son Bobby) my Mother-in-law told me that we would love our deck so much that we would probably never use the patio again.  Outside of a few parties, she was right.  I’m so glad that the patio now has a use again.  Enjoy!


The Levesque men building the deck- 2010

Our Garden 2015-Update Patio is filled with beds

The patio being put to good use

Our Garden 2015-Update M&D picking a little dinner

Mark and Danielle picking a little dinner


11 thoughts on “Our Garden 2015- Update”

  1. That’s great! Except for a little basil, I’ve never attempted edibles. I only get to do garden work once per week (including watering), so I assume I’d kill more than I’d grow. Yours looks great. If you don’t mind, I’ll just garden vicariously through you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow it looks great! Can’t believe how much the peppers and new radishes have grown in the three weeks since we were there. Tiny little plants started prepping through the ground… I can personally attest to how much fresher your veggies are and so much sweeter than store bought. Bed gardening is wonderful and hopefully one day I hope to be able to have my own. Great job guys!

    PS: Tell Mark I want some cherries! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kim…You are a great gardener and enjoy working with plants. I can see you with a really pretty garden one day. I’m so glad you loved the veggies, because we love to share them. Danielle took a huge bag of lettuce, green onions, and a decent sized bag of cherry tomatoes home with her. It was part of her pay for working the family farm. Mark says to come on back here if you want more, Kim.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. As you well know, my staff is comprised of Mika and Jasper. They do an excellent job of following me wherever I go, laying down when I stop, and pretending to be annoyed with me for moving again. I did however, give them some extra peanut butter hearts yesterday when we were planting.


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