Our Garden 2015

Garden June 2015- basil

I’ve been trying to snap a few photos of our garden, but the Midwest has been hit with a lot of storms.  This morning when I let Mika and Jasper out, it was bright and sunny (and steamy), so I snapped a few photos.  Just as I got these photos taken, it started raining again.

We planted all our flowers, herbs, cucumber, and tomatoes on Mother’s Day.  We are in zone 6, and that is when it is the safest to plant.  They are doing really well with our muggy conditions.  The carrots, lettuce, and radishes went in late, only two weeks ago.  I wasn’t able to snap a photo of our green onions ( a giant pot full), our chives (a smaller pot full), or the planter box with oregano and cilantro.  Click on each of the photos and they will open up really big so that you can see them a little better.

I was able to capture Mika and Jasper looking at me at the same time, but it was so bright that their color washed out in the photo.  They are a tad bit more golden around the edges , like a cookie. Enjoy!

Garden June 2015- carrots, radishes, lettuce

Carrots, radishes, lettuce

Garden June 2015- cherry tomatoes and cucumber

cherry tomatoes and cucumber

Garden June 2015- basil


Garden June 2015- sage, Italian parsley

sage, Italian parsley

Garden June 2015- Mika and Jasper

Mika and Jasper


2 thoughts on “Our Garden 2015”

    1. It has been one week since I took those photos and the tomatoes and cucumber are all now higher than the fence. It’s been one of those crazy years; the perfect amount of sun, rain, and humidity has helped our garden grow beyond our wildest dreams. That being said, the conditions may be perfect for growing plants, but they are pretty lousy for being outside in.


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