California Club Sandwich


Recipe inspired by California Club Sandwich at TGIFRIDAYS 

Recently I went out with some friends for lunch, and I had the California Club Sandwich at TGIFRIDAYS.  It was delicious and I’ve been craving another one ever since.  Their club sandwich was on chewy ciabatta bread…mine was on whole wheat, but still very good.  The restaurant served real bacon on their sandwich (and it was tasty), but we have been eating turkey bacon for a few years now and really like it.  I gave the mayo on Mark’s sandwich a little kick with some ground chipotle pepper seasoning.  Enjoy!


whole wheat bread, (2 slices per sandwich) or Ciabatta buns
chipotle pepper seasoning
sliced or shaved deli ham, about 2 ounces per sandwich
bacon, 2 slices per sandwich
sliced or shaved deli turkey, about 2 ounces per sandwich
sliced provolone cheese
tomato slices, 2-3 per sandwich
lettuce, several large leaves per sandwich



1. Cook bacon.  Drain on paper towels.

2. Mix mayo and chipotle pepper seasoning.

3. Spread mayo on bread, and stack the rest of the ingredients according to the pictures below.







4. Cut the sandwich in half.


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