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Bread and Butter Refrigerator Pickles


Recipe courtesy of Joyce Levesque

This recipe for quick pickles comes from my Mother-in-law.  Refrigerator pickles are easy to make and do not require water bath canner processing, however they must be kept  refrigerated, and they should be consumed within a few weeks.


approximately 11 cups of sliced pickling cucumbers ( about 6 decent sized cucumbers)
3 cups sugar
2 cups white vinegar
1 1/2 cups sliced onions
1 1/2-3 teaspoons celery seed
1/8 cup salt

5-6 quart-sized canning jars, like Mason canning jars



1. Combine vinegar, sugar, and salt; mix well.  Bring to a boil, stir until the sugar is dissolved, then turn off heat.  Allow mixture to cool to room temperature, so that the liquid does not cook the veggies.



2. Scrub cucumbers with a brush.  Slice off the ends and discard.  Slice cucumbers ( I use a really cool tool from Pampered Chef that cuts the cucumbers crinkle-style).



3. Slice onion, then add celery seed.



4. Fill jars with veggies.



5. Pour cooled liquid over veggies.  Wipe rims, seal and refrigerate.

There was enough of the veggie mix to fill 5 jars, but only enough liquid for 4 jars, so I poured Italian dressing into the 5th jar and we ate that salad with dinner.  Enjoy!




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